Birth of a Gemini

Ai Collaboration : MidJourney, StableDiffusion, Disco Diffusion, Photoshop
Birth of a Gemini is a restrospect of my life from birth to childhood through the collaborative lens of Ai. I have used many self potraits of myself to help generate reference points when using these Ai platforms. This is the first of five collections. Growing up queer and half latino always made me feel like an outsider from my family, friends and even myself. Having  the opportunity to process these feelings through art and Ai collaboration has allowed me to continue to accept my upbringing as a blessing. These first few images of Birth of a Gemini are only a sliver of the entire collection I have collaborated started. This will continue to be a lifelong journey and commitment to me and to other artists to come. Exploring ones past is never easy and is some of the hardest work I have ever done in my life. I have never felt more connected to myself and my art than I do now collaborating with Ai.